Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Pets

Post-Easter, shelters across the country see an uptick in ... you guessed it ... bunnies. And chicks. Given as Easter gifts, and then surrendered.  Just say no to giving animals as gifts, especially as seasonal gifts.

But! Bunnies DO make fabulous pets! So if you're thinking of a bunny -- go adopt one from a reputable bunny shelter. 

Adopt a bunny from Red Door in Chicago (Porsche, pictured above, is available at Red Door)

Find out more :

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Judi is waiting

Judi likes to watch zombies on TV (with our medical coordinator)

Judi says, "snuggle me!"
Dame Judi Dench is still waiting for her forever home! Our foster coordinator wonders, "why hasn't Judi been adopted yet?"

This weekend Judi's foster family travelled out of town, and our foster coordinator had the chance to cat-sit Judi all weekend in her home.  Judi walked right out of the carrier like she couldn't be happier to have a new place to explore!  She immediately found a cozy spot for snoozing and had no problems finding and using her litter box as if she were still in her foster home.  It is somewhat unusual for cats to be so comfortable in a new environment, and Judi is a special cat!

She LOVES people.  All visitors to the house this weekend were treated with tiny meow hellos, purring head butts, and hours of cuddle time if they stayed long enough.  Judi likes no place more than a human's lap or a human's shoulder.  Basically, plant yourself near her, and she will be snuggled up to you in no time. She is a very petite girl -- foster coordinator had to resist the urge to put Judi in a cereal bowl for a picture session.  Judi has a food allergy that requires her to eat only prescription food.  Her fur is looking great and her healed up elbow (she arrived to us with a prior fracture) is looking great with daily doses of cosequin sprinkled on her dinner.

Judi would be a wonderful family cat, a cat for a single person, a cat for any person.  She appears to want to be the only cat in the home, and is content to amuse herself and snooze for most of the day.  Don't delay-- if you are looking for a tiny snuggle-bug to be your cat companion, write today!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Buttercup came to us as a tiny baby, from an animal-intake facility in NW Indiana, with a crushed foot. Buttercup is definitely the wrong name for him ...but for now I call him "B-cup."

B-cup is a truly adorable and lovable kitten. He is a lover, a Don Juan (possible a Don Draper), a rapscallion and a scamp. Don't adopt him if you don't enjoy laughing at ridiculous kitten antics. Don't adopt him if you don't think a kitten jumping on the table and stealing a meatball the size of his head and running off with it is hilarious -- yes yes, wrong, but hilarious. Don't adopt B-cup if you don't enjoy putting a kitten around your neck and having him stay there, purring. Do NOT adopt B-Cup if you don't like to have a kitten snuggle next to you in bed. DO NOT adopt B-cup if you have a playful young cat and you hate watching cats play together. If you don't enjoy watching kittens play with a variety of toys, from mouse-in-a-track to crumpled up paper, definitely think no further about adopting the B-cup. If you hate having a kitty on your lap while you read or talk or watch TV, then B-cup should not go home with you. If you are some sort of mishuggeneh (crazy person) and you hate friendly snuggly lap cats who can also amuse themselves perfectly well, then you can just stop reading now, because B-cup is not for you.

B-cup's foot is healed. He is neutered, vaxed, and healthy. B-cup must be adopted to a home with a playful young cat. We do not adopt kittens out to be single pets.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Domino is an adult male, estimated 2 or 3 years old. He's a stray who started hanging out with the feral cats in the neighborhood, although we've been unable to find previous owners. He is now neutered, vaccinated, and FIV and FeLV free. He had a huge wound on his tail when found, but it's healing nicely (he's now out of the cone and bandage).

He's pretty much a dog stuck in a cat body - very affectionate and talkative. Adoption fee is $50. Domino is not a Hyde Park Cat - we are posting him as a referral for his finder - please contact if you are interested.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Henry is a big, friendly, declawed orange tabby who was being fed by a woman in Schereville, Indiana. She called around until she finally found a place to help her and bring Henry inside -- Hyde Park!

Henry has been outside for at least eight months. Last week Aimee, a regular volunteer and feral-cat caretaker, drove all the way to Schererville and back. He found himself immediately brought to the veterinarian, who tested him for FIV/FeLV (double neg!), gave him a much-needed dental (removing five teeth), and of course gave some deflea/antiparasite meds. Apparently while at the vet Henry couldn't help but rub his face on anything and everyone, so happy was he to be on the verge of an indoor life again.

Fostermom says Henry is just the sweetest cat. He's a big marmalade purrball, playful and snuggly.

A special thank you to our sustaining donor Mike H., who made a special donation earmarked for our use at the local vet clinic. In cases like Henry's we need to access our handy local vet. These fees add up! Big purrrrrs to you Mike H.!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Miao Yin

Miao Yin is one of the kitties we've rescued from a South Side hoarding situation. 

Fostermom writes that "She tends to greet us enthusiastically when we first walk into the room, then settles down quickly and snuggles and plays with only quiet little remarks now and then. She is very snuggly and affectionate, loves belly-rubs, and has recently discovered that a lap is good place for grooming or for curling up on and going to sleep. She likes chasing sparkly balls as well as things dangled from poles. She accepts nail trimming quite calmly. Her litter box habits continue to be perfect." 

Miao Yin, as we mentioned, grew up in a very crowded place. She may yowl at first when left alone or in a new situation. She is a sable cat --  black with a silvery underlining. 

Miao Yin's former housemate, Lucille, is also available for adoption!

Overcrowding, original post

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monika and Bond

Bond keeping watch

Bond and Monika sharing a cozy spot

Bonded Bond and Monika

Monika relaxing after play-time

Monika and Bond were TNRed last year by some of our volunteers around 47th and Cottage Grove.  They were too sweet to leave outside, so we've brought them in and they are doing well and adjusting to the cushie indoor life. These two are probably about nine months old and littermates. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They will keep each other happy, healthy, and occupied for life!

Fostermom writes "They are very sweet cats. Bond is a bit on the shy side but enjoys petting and especially cheek and tummy rubs. They are litter trained, use a scratching post, and enjoy playing with their toys. They are quiet and well behaved. They like catnip. They enjoy the company of other cats. One fun fact about Bond is that on each paw, he has some pink pads and some grey ones."

To adopt Monika and Bond and give them a safe and warm forever home together, please email today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I first met Petra at one of our AWL volunteer days. She was absolutely cowering in a small cage in the 'kitten' room. I took her picture but chose two sister kittens (Rosie and Lily -- now adopted!). Volunteers saw her again, and then again, and then our Adoption Coordinator just scooped her up and took her home to foster. Petra is a "stubby Manx" with a little nub of a tail. She's about seven even though she's as small and cute as a kitten. Petra was pretty terrified by her ordeal at the shelter, but has come out of her shell in her fosterhome. She's coexisting with the resident dog and is wonderful with respectful children. She seeks out petting and attention, allows herself to be squooshed, loves to play with little things on the floor (she's a cheap date -- just scrunch up a piece of paper!). She's quiet and polite; loves interaction but also likes her alone time.  Apply to adopt this special girl today by emailing

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Oh Mickie, you're so fine! Mickie is a senior kitty (about ten) who was abandoned in the Pullman neighborhood when her owner moved away and left her outside a few months ago.  Mickie loves to be around people and sit next to you and be petted.  She also loves toys and just looking at you, purring loudly. As a senior lady, she does have "Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey" syndrome, and wishes to be treated with respect and to do things in her own time. She has a minor birth defect -- a deformation of her sternum -- which, which causing no health problems, seems to cause her some discomfort when being picked up.  

She is thrilled to be back inside and is looking for a home to call her own.  She also does seem to get along with other kitties as well, and she could potentially be paired up with a friend.  Mickie is vetted, neg/neg and ready to move in and plop next to you on the couch!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February adoption roundup

February was a month of pairs -- in honor of Valentine's Day -- four pairs found homes in February! We believe in adopting already bonded pairs (generally siblings) together -- read more here.

The lucky February pairs:
Eevie and Hampton
Eve and Eden
Lily and Rosie 
Cassie and Kio (foster failure)

Other February adoptions were Topaz and Dolly. Dolly is one of our foster failures (by which we mean fosterparent just couldn't part with her). Topaz actually made her own adoption happen. She was taken to the local vet by her fostermom, and while she was there, a Hyde Park resident happened to see her while he was there with his resident cat. Topaz meowed at him ... quite a while later, when she showed up on the blog, he remembered her sweetness and inquisitive meow as he walked past. And now she's in her new home, learning to meow in Bulgarian. Мяукане!  

Monday, March 4, 2013


Thelma is seeking a new home.

10 year old Thelma is an awesome studying partner and a little purr-machine! She is typically very shy, and can be sensitive to general loudness, but if she likes you, you've got a friend for life. She'll read over your shoulder, keep your lap warm, and pull kitty-sentry duty wherever you might be resting or sleeping. Thelma will be someone's best friend in a quiet, low-key house without children, and as an only cat.

This is a courtesy posting for Thelma's current owners who are seeking to rehome her for family reasons. Please write to