Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I first met Petra at one of our AWL volunteer days. She was absolutely cowering in a small cage in the 'kitten' room. I took her picture but chose two sister kittens (Rosie and Lily -- now adopted!). Volunteers saw her again, and then again, and then our Adoption Coordinator just scooped her up and took her home to foster. Petra is a "stubby Manx" with a little nub of a tail. She's about seven even though she's as small and cute as a kitten. Petra was pretty terrified by her ordeal at the shelter, but has come out of her shell in her fosterhome. She's coexisting with the resident dog and is wonderful with respectful children. She seeks out petting and attention, allows herself to be squooshed, loves to play with little things on the floor (she's a cheap date -- just scrunch up a piece of paper!). She's quiet and polite; loves interaction but also likes her alone time.  Apply to adopt this special girl today by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

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Leslie S. said...

Petra has truly blossomed! I'm so glad she is getting the love and care she deserves!