Sunday, March 24, 2013


Buttercup came to us as a tiny baby, from an animal-intake facility in NW Indiana, with a crushed foot. Buttercup is definitely the wrong name for him ...but for now I call him "B-cup."

B-cup is a truly adorable and lovable kitten. He is a lover, a Don Juan (possible a Don Draper), a rapscallion and a scamp. Don't adopt him if you don't enjoy laughing at ridiculous kitten antics. Don't adopt him if you don't think a kitten jumping on the table and stealing a meatball the size of his head and running off with it is hilarious -- yes yes, wrong, but hilarious. Don't adopt B-cup if you don't enjoy putting a kitten around your neck and having him stay there, purring. Do NOT adopt B-Cup if you don't like to have a kitten snuggle next to you in bed. DO NOT adopt B-cup if you have a playful young cat and you hate watching cats play together. If you don't enjoy watching kittens play with a variety of toys, from mouse-in-a-track to crumpled up paper, definitely think no further about adopting the B-cup. If you hate having a kitty on your lap while you read or talk or watch TV, then B-cup should not go home with you. If you are some sort of mishuggeneh (crazy person) and you hate friendly snuggly lap cats who can also amuse themselves perfectly well, then you can just stop reading now, because B-cup is not for you.

B-cup's foot is healed. He is neutered, vaxed, and healthy. B-cup must be adopted to a home with a playful young cat. We do not adopt kittens out to be single pets.

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