Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Judi is waiting

Judi likes to watch zombies on TV (with our medical coordinator)

Judi says, "snuggle me!"
Dame Judi Dench is still waiting for her forever home! Our foster coordinator wonders, "why hasn't Judi been adopted yet?"

This weekend Judi's foster family travelled out of town, and our foster coordinator had the chance to cat-sit Judi all weekend in her home.  Judi walked right out of the carrier like she couldn't be happier to have a new place to explore!  She immediately found a cozy spot for snoozing and had no problems finding and using her litter box as if she were still in her foster home.  It is somewhat unusual for cats to be so comfortable in a new environment, and Judi is a special cat!

She LOVES people.  All visitors to the house this weekend were treated with tiny meow hellos, purring head butts, and hours of cuddle time if they stayed long enough.  Judi likes no place more than a human's lap or a human's shoulder.  Basically, plant yourself near her, and she will be snuggled up to you in no time. She is a very petite girl -- foster coordinator had to resist the urge to put Judi in a cereal bowl for a picture session.  Judi has a food allergy that requires her to eat only prescription food.  Her fur is looking great and her healed up elbow (she arrived to us with a prior fracture) is looking great with daily doses of cosequin sprinkled on her dinner.

Judi would be a wonderful family cat, a cat for a single person, a cat for any person.  She appears to want to be the only cat in the home, and is content to amuse herself and snooze for most of the day.  Don't delay-- if you are looking for a tiny snuggle-bug to be your cat companion, write hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com today!

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