Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February adoption roundup

February was a month of pairs -- in honor of Valentine's Day -- four pairs found homes in February! We believe in adopting already bonded pairs (generally siblings) together -- read more here.

The lucky February pairs:
Eevie and Hampton
Eve and Eden
Lily and Rosie 
Cassie and Kio (foster failure)

Other February adoptions were Topaz and Dolly. Dolly is one of our foster failures (by which we mean fosterparent just couldn't part with her). Topaz actually made her own adoption happen. She was taken to the local vet by her fostermom, and while she was there, a Hyde Park resident happened to see her while he was there with his resident cat. Topaz meowed at him ... quite a while later, when she showed up on the blog, he remembered her sweetness and inquisitive meow as he walked past. And now she's in her new home, learning to meow in Bulgarian. Мяукане!  

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