Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A beautiful offering from Heather S., our TNR partner in the Pullman neighborhood.

Dolly was once an emaciated, filthy kitty, covered with dirt and oil and living in the underside of an abandoned car in Roseland.  You would never guess upon meeting her a few months ago that she would become the healthy, vivacious, fuzzy creampuff that she is today.  Dolly was not quite sure a few months ago how to handle being pet and loved on, but she now demands it and often goes into a drooling, purring trance when getting a good scratch behind the ears.  She is friendly, curious, and playful, and has just started to figure out how fun kitty toys can be, particularly sticks with strings or feathers attached.  Dolly loves attention and being around people now but can still be a little leery of too much manhandling.  Dolly has been around kids ages 8-12 and has been great, but is not a fan of tail pulls (no surprises there).  She has a sweet, independent personality and is very happy to be warm and fed and inside with people.  She is waiting for her forever home!

Hey! Thanks donors Anna F., Mike H., Juliet H. and Barbara S.! Gifts like yours keep us in the "fixings." Hahahahaha!