Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Meet Charleston! Charleston is a dapper gentleman who came to us from the streets, rescued by one of our busiest volunteers.

Fosterdad (who is a first-time fosterer superstar) writes, "When Charleston moved in, he started out (as expected) very nervous of his new surroundings. But even when he was still scared of his new foster home, whenever I was around he'd come out of hiding for a stroke as he brushed around my legs. He's always yearning for attention and whenever I come back home, he comes out to find me to be stroked and played with. Now that he's been here a few weeks, he's definitely settled in and confidently sleeps wherever he chooses! Sometimes that might be his bed or on top of a warm air vent, but more often than not it's on the couch or on the comfy chairs on top of my jacket. He's very well behaved, affectionate and playful, and loves to chase after me as I am walking to the kitchen, slipping and sliding across the wooden floor."

Charleston has been waiting a long time.  Will you be the one to make the wait for his own home end soon?  He has a clean bill of health, is approximately 3 years old, and is ready to commit his big tomcat heart to his forever person.  Email today to meet Charleston!

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