Monday, December 17, 2012


Nyameche wrote in over the weekend to say "I found the sweetest stray cat today on my back porch. He or she (I'm not sure which) came to me as soon as I saw him or her. It immediately began mewling and cuddling. I fed it and have it set up with a litter box. It had a collar, but it was filthy and had no tags. The cat is also filthy and is nearly skin and bones. I gave it a bath to the best of my abilities, but I'm really bad at bathing cats. So now it is still dirty and also damp. However, despite the bath it is still so sweet and good-humored and hardly leaves my lap (this could be because it is so chilly from the bath, though)." 

This kitty is now called Lily and you can see how pleased she seems with her box and its proximity to the radiator. We will get this girl some veterinary care today. Thank you to the Nyameches of the world, who have care and compassion for the filthy hungry small beings who appear on their doorsteps.

And thank you to some recent donors -- Julie S. and James M., thanks! To Martha B., as always a shaynem dank. And to Nathan LaP., a huge purry thanks.

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