Monday, December 10, 2012

special project: 45 cats, 1 house

Hyde Park Cats is partnering with Tree House Humane Society to help vet and eventually re-home 45 indoor cats. A well-meaning individual with very limited resources, took in a pregnant female 6 years ago and the situation got out of control. While the cats are in an extreme over-crowding situation, the person caring for them is cooperating and very interested in properly caring for and re-homing the cats. Instead of a mass evacuation to an unknown fate, HPC is working with Treehouse to find a humane solution for all involved in the situation. The cats are all about 3-6 years old and friendly. On December 11-13, 2012, they will all be transported to Treehouse and PAWS to be fully vetted. At that time, a number of cats will be moved to foster homes provided by Hyde Park Cats and Treehouse. Right now that number is very small as the number of open foster homes is very small. Cats that are not placed in foster will be returned with the goal of eventually moving all of the cats into foster. Help is desperately needed to transport the cats from the home to the clinics, funds for their full vetting and continued care in the home, and, most importantly, foster homes. Please contact if you feel you can help.

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Cathy Unruh said...

Dear Hyde Park Cats,
I am thrilled to hear of your efforts to re-home these cats. I am not in Chicago but am thrilled to hear stories such as yours...helping our fellow creatures to find comfort and care. May you have much success finding them all homes!
Cathy Unruh
Animal advocate, TNR proponent, author
Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat