Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cassie and Kio are waiting!

Kio and Cassie are an adorable brother/sister pair. Kio is a boisterous young guy who loves a good romp around the apartment and bird watching out the window. Fostermom says "Kio even greets me as soon as I get home with a unique little meow letting me know he wants a hug before I do anything else (he may just want his dinner but I like to think he enjoys my hugs)! Cassie is a little quieter, but as soon as I sit down for even a minute she'll snuggle into my lap and purr away. She really enjoys being groomed and scratched under the chin. They make quite the couple and are always either cuddling together or chasing each other! They're going to make some cat owner very lucky, between the two of them there is so much personality!"

Because this is a bonded pair, they must be adopted together; however, we will waive the second fee. Email us at to meet these loving siblings!

Thanks a million purrs to recent donors Sheila R., Mike H., and Jennifer P.

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