Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy ending update: Clark

Clark's forever mom wrote in with a happy ending update: "He’s doing extremely well. Very happy, relaxed, and playful. He’s becoming increasingly confident with each day. He likes to follow me around wherever I go and flop around for belly rubs. He’s calm but goes crazy playing with his bird toy and running after little balls and springs. What a great little companion."

What a great ending -- from the streets to satiny sheets! Thanks Diana! And HAPPY LIFE, CLARK!

Previous Clark posts

Thanks to recent donors Linda L., Marilee W., Rhonda S., and Norah O'D. You keep us going.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Paulina is a sweet,shy , and very pretty cat. She was found living in an alley south of the midway. Fostermom says "she doesn't like to be touched but will come join you in bed or play with you from a distance. She would be a great companion cat as she's very friendly with her super energetic fosterbrothercat, Sufi, even though she is more sedate than him. " Paulina has made good progress since being brought inside and we believe that, given a nice and secure home with a confident cat brother or sister, she is capable of becoming even friendlier than she is now. She likes playing with toys (especially soft, furry things), smelling flowers, and sometimes chewing leaves. She also spends a lot of time on window sills watching birds.

zumba for kitties!

It's the last week of the month -- zumba for kitties time!

One of our volunteers, a certified Zumba instructor, will donate her profits from her three classes this week to Hyde Park Cats! So go get some exercise and zumba for the kitties:

Monday, 7 pm, Nichols Park; Tuesdays from 6-7pm and Sundays from 12-1pm at the Southside Hub of Production (5638 S Woodlawn).

Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday we got a call from the local animal clinic that a cat microchipped to us, "Goldie," had been turned in in pretty bad condition. We realized this is a feral cat from one of the colonies we work with on the near south side, one we call Tanya's Tribe, after the dedicated caretaker there. Click here and scroll through past posts on TT.

It turns out Goldie has a virulent URI and, sick, had wandered away. She was found by a neighbor. That person had taken her inside, put her on a heating pad, and then had gotten her to the clinic. When she was assessed by the staff she had a temperature of 90 degrees.

We let Tanya know Goldie's whereabouts (she had been looking for Goldie for three days!) and took her over to the clinic. Tanya was so happy to see Goldie! Many tears were shed. Goldie is still in precarious health, as is another cat from that colony, Devon, who went to the vet last Saturday. We are working hard to nurse these cats back to health and to keep this URI from spreading throughout Tanya's colony.

Kudos to Tanya for taking care of these cats, to the caring neighbor who didn't leave Goldie to die on her porch, to Hyde Park Animal Clinic, and to Dr. Williams in particular, who made the decision to try to save Goldie's life, even when it appeared that she was a feral with no one to take responsibility for her.

Thanks Mike R. for responding already with a donation for Goldie! We will be continuing to provide veterinary care for Tanya's Tribe.

Here's a photo of Tanya and one of her kitties in the spring of 2010:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Small but feisty Ocee was hanging around Karen and family's porch at 48th and Champlain. She was causing a problem -- every time anyone saw her, she'd try to climb right into a lap! Ocee loves -- loves -- loves all people. Karen's child named Ocee ("Oh, see!") and the family committed to getting Ocee medical care and into a home. Now she's here and seeking a forever home. Who wants to be the person to make Ocee's kid's dream of a home for this kitty come true?

Fosterdad Jim says: "Ocee is a sweet sweet little girl. She loves humans. Immediately she was at home with me -- very quickly moved from under the chair to the sofa to the bed, where she likes to spend her time (she sleeps at the end of the bed or tucked in behind the knees). She is a playful girl too -- she went through the toy drawer and picked out the mice and balls one by one to try out. What she likes most of all, though, is getting head scratches and back rubs, which she responds to in her very distinct way: lifts her front paws alternatively while looking out into space with mystical delight."

Apply to adopt Ocee by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

ETA. Ocee has some congenital defects -- some small teeth, a strangely shaped part of her mouth, and mild deformity in the hind section affecting toes and hips. She can't jump well.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Olive is an adorable cross-eyed tuxedo gal who is still adjusting to the "rigors" of indoor life. Fostermom Lauren C. says "she's quite playful once she's comfortable, and she's gotten very good at hiding in all sorts of nooks and crannies. She has the funniest meows -- it's often a high-pitched gargling sound. Someday she'll be a completely cuddly little kitty, but right now she's still hesitant to accept affection. She's quite small, but has plumped out a bit since discovering how delicious wet food can be!" She is seeking a home with a patient person who can give her the time she needs to nurture her inner purrball. Crossed eyes are not in and of themselves a medical problem ... here is a Flickr group if you enjoy cross-eyed cats!

Thanks to Mike H. for his donation and to Julie S., who gave a donation "in honor of Links, a very special German Shepherd, who no longer struggles with degenerative mylopathy.”

Friday, January 20, 2012

Clyde Finds a Home

This cat was loitering around the back steps of Eric and Charlie's apartment in South Shore one weekday morning in December. He was purring loudly and rubbing against everything, and Charlie had to distract him so that Eric could leave for work without being tailed. Nearly 10 hours later when Eric returned, Charlie had left town on a business trip, but Clyde was still on the back steps, so he came inside to enjoy warmth and a bowl of tuna -- the closest thing to cat food in the apartment.

Not sure what to do, Eric reached out to Hyde Park Cats for advice. We walked Eric through what would need to happen in the coming days - supplies to be purchased, a trip to the vet, decisions to be made. Allergies were a concern, as was the possibility that Clyde might simply have run away. The vet gave him a clean bill of health, but explained that he was almost certainly a stray: he had fleas, was not microchipped, and had not been neutered.

After about a week, Eric and Charlie decided that they would be able -- and happy -- to keep Clyde permanently. That's when he got the name -- chosen by looking at a map of nearby street names (editor's note: scroll through these posts to read about the Clyde Colony. By that time, he had adjusted nicely to life indoors, with the rambunctiousness of a 9-month-old kitten, but also very affectionate and glad for human attention.

It's only been a bit over a month, but Clyde has made himself quite at home. He curls up in the bathroom sink even though it's wet, hides under the kitchen cabinets when he's startled, and has finally learned how to avoid slipping and crashing into things when he runs around the wood-floored apartment. He likes to play fetch with plastic bottle caps. And he's currently learning, with the aid of a training kit, how to use the toilet!

You can see shots of Clyde as a stray and as a housecat, and even a video of a present taken at Clyde's cat shower (yes you read that right) here.

To Eric and Charlie, who say they look forward to watching Clyde grow up, I say thank you for giving Clyde the chance to do so in a warm and loving environment, and thank you for not turning your backs when a cold hungry creature came to your doorstep.

Happy life, CLYDE!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Heartie is a young adult lady who is petite, sweet, and shy. Originally found living outdoors by a caring community member (thanks Gretchen), her confidence has continued to grow since she has been in her fosterhome, and she loves life as an indoor cat. She enjoys chasing balls and playing with stuffed mice. She loves to be petted by Fostermom. Her litter tray habits are impeccable and she happily eats wet and dry food. But what Heartie loves most is the company of her feline foster bro, so she needs to be in a home with another cat. She is great with kittens, but would also do well with an older, more confident companion cat who can mentor her and help her confidence and trust in humans to grow even more.

As for the photo of Heartie with her boyfriend -- Heartie is a normal-sized cat. The boyfriend (named Bulk) is huge! : >

Older Heartie post. Apply to adopt Heartie by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Inexplicable! This long-haired and fluffy beauty is still available for adoption!

April was turned into a high-kill animal-control facility several months ago with her four beautiful babies, all of whom have now been adopted. Her fostermom says " She has a very peaceful nature and avoids conflicts. She has never scratched or bitten anyone, and she will hide when she's uncomfortable. She enjoys her food so careful not to feed her too much or she'll become overweight! Despite not being a kitten, April likes to play and does it so funnily that you can just enjoy watching her playing with toys." April has perfect litterbox habits and is spayed and vaxed. She lives with a toddler and has proven to be very child-friendly. In fact, Fostermom says that "April is a very kind cat. She likes being petted. And she can be very curious - she often follows us to watch what we are going to do!"

So let's see: beautiful, fluffy, kind, neat, sweet, funny, playful. Perfect! Apply to adopt April by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Fergus is the most handsomest medium-haired tiger boy! He's a sweet and easy going boy who is fine with the company of other cats. He enjoys petting and playing, snuggling and chit-chatting. He was found by some caring community members, homeless and skinny and seeking some help. He's been in foster care for a bit now and has proven himself to be a real charmer! Everyone who meets him enjoys his sweet fwuffy self. Apply to adopt him by writing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com. More info and pix.

Thanks to James M. for the most recent installment of his regular donation!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Gretchen was found around 54th and East View Park by the human Gretchen, she who brought us Heartie and Lucy (still available!). Gretchen is a darling dumpling, slightly rotund in the tum-tum area. She is responsive to people and enjoys being petted. Her current fosterplace has wall-to-wall carpet and she kind of scoots herself along on her side, pulling herself by the claws in order to continue the petting! She is very sweet, has excellent litterbox habits, and is an all-around nice kitty.

We believe that Gretchen was dumped outside by her former owner ... it's a sad reality that pets are often dumped in Hyde Park from some of the more economically depressed communities around us (her previous owner was contacted and has since relinquished a second cat). She is spayed, neg/neg for viruses, and ready to go to a home where she is loved and treasured. She says she's a Hyde Parker now, but she's willing to relocate again for the right home!

Thanks to Mike H. for his recent donation and to Charles Z. for his donation. And we also want to thank Feng Shu L., who helped us out during a busy holiday season by fostering a kitty while the regular fostermom was away on holiday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Uhaul, again

UHaul is on the market again.

This gorgeous Maine Coone (type) man came to us in September from our local vet office, where he'd been abandoned by his previous owner. Although he was adopted not long thereafter, he was returned to Hyde Park Cats two days before Christmas and is again seeking a forever home.

Poor Uhaul isn't sure what to make of this world. He's a sweet and loving boy, but he's puzzled and scared of change. We've given him some time to get over his trauma and he's ready now to start meeting his matches. He needs an adopter who can provide a lot of love and attention and long-term stability. Uhaul takes a long time to adjust to change. Uhaul needs a commitment.

Please write to hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to apply.

ETA: A few additional comments from Uhaul’s current foster mom:

"UHaul, after an initial period of adjustment, has shown himself to be a wonderfully loving cat. He is affectionate, curious, and interactive. Like most Maine Coon type cats, he loves human company and likes to be where the action is, keeping an eye on things. He loves to snuggle and will reward your love with loyalty and devotion. Who can resist those soulful green eyes?!?"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunny aka Cleo

Oh no ... I want to reach into the screen and "boop" that little nose!

Sunny, aka Cleopatra, was found at Tanya's Tribe on 67th and Cornell. Tanya is a resident of the block there who has looked out for multiple cats (see past Tanya cats) over the years and who feeds ferals in her apartment's gangway. Sunny is just one of those sweet and adorable little kitties ... friendly and loving! And an unusual orange tabby girl. See more pix of sweet Sunny!.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zumba for Kitties

Zumba! One of our active volunteers is also a certified Zumba instructor, and she donates the earnings from the last week of every month to the kitties! This is a great way to get or stay in shape and donate towards a worthy cause at the same time.

You can find past playlists on Kim's Zumba blog.

And for 2012 ... two additional classes in Hyde Park, for a total of three times a week to Zumba your sloth away.

Dates and locations for Kim's Zumba classes:

Mondays 7-8pm, Nichols Park rec room (53rd & Kenwood) - starts 1/9
Tuesdays 6-7pm, Southside Hub (5638 S Woodlawn) - starts 1/10
Sundays 12-1pm, Southside Hub (5638 S Woodlawn) - starts 1/15

Zumba is appropriate for all ages and body types. It's fun, not competitive, and you can just wear whatever workout or comfy gear is good for you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A piece about adoptable Cava, by fostermom Irene: "When Cava first came to stay with me, she had nothing on her mind beyond the wellbeing of her four little kittens. She would stand at attention at dinner time, and then she'd let them feed, and she'd eat like the starving little thing she was -- we just called her Mama Cat because she was a mother and little else! A couple of months into foster care, however, some of her kitties have found loving homes, and they have all stopped needing to eat every three hours, so she's come into her own. Now we know that Cava is a very relaxed cat, easy going and happy to be around humans, although not so much around other cats. She doesn't try to get much higher than my sofa, where she curls up in very ridiculous positions and naps during the day, but every now and then a toy mouse catches her eye and she chases it without mercy. She likes to sit by the window and feel the fresh air, and she enjoys pouncing on things, but she also loves a good scratch behind the ears and below her jaw, and she will purr loudly to let you know.

She won't be anyone's lap cat, and she thankfully doesn't seem to like typing, but if quiet, tranquil companionship is what you're after, she's a fantastic match."

Thanks to Sid and Young-Kee K. for donating in honor of their cats Nabi and Jerdediah (who they rescued from the streets).