Monday, January 23, 2012


Olive is an adorable cross-eyed tuxedo gal who is still adjusting to the "rigors" of indoor life. Fostermom Lauren C. says "she's quite playful once she's comfortable, and she's gotten very good at hiding in all sorts of nooks and crannies. She has the funniest meows -- it's often a high-pitched gargling sound. Someday she'll be a completely cuddly little kitty, but right now she's still hesitant to accept affection. She's quite small, but has plumped out a bit since discovering how delicious wet food can be!" She is seeking a home with a patient person who can give her the time she needs to nurture her inner purrball. Crossed eyes are not in and of themselves a medical problem ... here is a Flickr group if you enjoy cross-eyed cats!

Thanks to Mike H. for his donation and to Julie S., who gave a donation "in honor of Links, a very special German Shepherd, who no longer struggles with degenerative mylopathy.”

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