Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Heartie is a young adult lady who is petite, sweet, and shy. Originally found living outdoors by a caring community member (thanks Gretchen), her confidence has continued to grow since she has been in her fosterhome, and she loves life as an indoor cat. She enjoys chasing balls and playing with stuffed mice. She loves to be petted by Fostermom. Her litter tray habits are impeccable and she happily eats wet and dry food. But what Heartie loves most is the company of her feline foster bro, so she needs to be in a home with another cat. She is great with kittens, but would also do well with an older, more confident companion cat who can mentor her and help her confidence and trust in humans to grow even more.

As for the photo of Heartie with her boyfriend -- Heartie is a normal-sized cat. The boyfriend (named Bulk) is huge! : >

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