Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Uhaul, again

UHaul is on the market again.

This gorgeous Maine Coone (type) man came to us in September from our local vet office, where he'd been abandoned by his previous owner. Although he was adopted not long thereafter, he was returned to Hyde Park Cats two days before Christmas and is again seeking a forever home.

Poor Uhaul isn't sure what to make of this world. He's a sweet and loving boy, but he's puzzled and scared of change. We've given him some time to get over his trauma and he's ready now to start meeting his matches. He needs an adopter who can provide a lot of love and attention and long-term stability. Uhaul takes a long time to adjust to change. Uhaul needs a commitment.

Please write to hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to apply.

ETA: A few additional comments from Uhaul’s current foster mom:

"UHaul, after an initial period of adjustment, has shown himself to be a wonderfully loving cat. He is affectionate, curious, and interactive. Like most Maine Coon type cats, he loves human company and likes to be where the action is, keeping an eye on things. He loves to snuggle and will reward your love with loyalty and devotion. Who can resist those soulful green eyes?!?"


Natalie said...

awww. Too bad my house is full. I hope that darling boy finds a forever home ASAP.

4headedmonster said...

I would adopt him, too, but my house is full! :( I hope he finds someone who wants him forever.

Diane Schirf said...

I wish I wasn't limited to one. Beautiful and sweet. I wish I could ask why his adopter didn't last . . .

lilolady said...

I am going to hold my breath till I turn purple until fluffy Mr. UHAUL finds the bestest furever home EVER!!! Sure hope it happens fast.