Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A piece about adoptable Cava, by fostermom Irene: "When Cava first came to stay with me, she had nothing on her mind beyond the wellbeing of her four little kittens. She would stand at attention at dinner time, and then she'd let them feed, and she'd eat like the starving little thing she was -- we just called her Mama Cat because she was a mother and little else! A couple of months into foster care, however, some of her kitties have found loving homes, and they have all stopped needing to eat every three hours, so she's come into her own. Now we know that Cava is a very relaxed cat, easy going and happy to be around humans, although not so much around other cats. She doesn't try to get much higher than my sofa, where she curls up in very ridiculous positions and naps during the day, but every now and then a toy mouse catches her eye and she chases it without mercy. She likes to sit by the window and feel the fresh air, and she enjoys pouncing on things, but she also loves a good scratch behind the ears and below her jaw, and she will purr loudly to let you know.

She won't be anyone's lap cat, and she thankfully doesn't seem to like typing, but if quiet, tranquil companionship is what you're after, she's a fantastic match."

Thanks to Sid and Young-Kee K. for donating in honor of their cats Nabi and Jerdediah (who they rescued from the streets).

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