Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

This New Year's Eve, cats and kittens in our fosterspaces -- like Roger, who was living in the Liliana Colony at 62nd and Cottage, or Curly, from our Pullman sister site -- await forever homes.

Paulina and Heartie, shy kitties who were living outdoors for probably their whole lives, are inside and learning to love this New Year's Eve. Paulina has an adopter waiting for her, but Heartie still seeks a home.

This New Year's Eve, we remember the kitties we said goodbye to in 2011: Zane, Opus, Reese's Pieces, Duke, Aki, Sophia, Meshi (who died in her adoptive home), 65 and Woodlawn Kitten ... and those who never had a name.

This New Year's Eve, our alley cats are eating ... and not procreating.

This New Year's Eve the kittens we're going to unveil soon are charming their fosterfolks and getting ready to charm potential adopters.

This New Year's Eve, some adoptable cats -- like Orange Cat and Charlotte are outside, waiting for someone to want them.

This New Year's Eve, all the kitties who were adopted from us in 2011 are curling up with their forevermom, or foreverdad, or foreverkids, with the memory of their outdoor life behind them.

This New Year's Eve, homeless cats out on the street are still cold and hungry.

May 2012 bring us many more opportunities to rescue cats, yet fewer cats to rescue.

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