Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reese's Pieces

From our Facebook Wall, June 26:

"My partner and I found a very cute, very tiny calico kitten mewing loudly at the corner of 47th and Cornell tonight. (It seems to live in the woods on the SW corner of the intersection, by the Metra tracks.) It is hungry but extremely skittish; we could only get it to eat when we brought it food and then backed up. It is so afraid that we aren’t able to catch it. Any suggestions about what to do or who could help?" -- Faith H.

Faith and her partner, Reese, borrowed one of our HPC traps and did manage to catch this girl. She arrived the same day for a short stay chez Ruth, who wrote that "She's around 6 weeks - very sweet and healthy looking. Not scared of humans at all ... she seemed glad to be inside and cared for -- I hate to think of that little poppet fending outside on her own."

It became clear, however, that not all was right with this orange and black (like reeses pieces!) beauty. As it turned out, she had a fractured pelvis. Now, that had completely healed, but that injury had led to perineal hernias on both sides. Reese's was in considerable discomfort. After the vets (plural) conferred on her case, we learned there was no long-term solution for her. She was humanely euthanized this morning in the loving arms of her fostermoms, Laura and Eudora.

We at HPCs, and especially fostermoms, were very grateful and happy to give sweet-as-candy Reese several weeks of love and affection. She was a fun and loving girl. If she hadn't been found and looked after, she would have ended up suffering greatly before dying outside, alone, hungry. Reese's Pieces, we're glad you were here with us, and hope you have found our other Hyde Park Cats who went to The Rainbow Bridge.


Lilithcat said...

Oh, poor darlin'! I'm glad she had a bit of time in a safe and loving home.

(P.S. Meant to send a contribution via Paypal, but the link seems to have disappeared!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Faith and Reese, for doing so much more than just "stopping by"

Louise said...

Poor sweetheart. Thank you to everyone involved who made her last days happy.

Anonymous said...

Thank God she didn't have to die scared, hungry, alone or unable to defend herself against some predator.