Friday, July 29, 2011

Found dog in HP needs foster/adoption

A local vet took in this beautiful young female pittie who was roaming the streets after being hit by a car.This girl is so very sweet and gentle that he's giving her a couple of weeks to find a home. Are you interested in adopting or fostering her?

She's one year of less, may be about sixty pounds when filled out, and is waiting for someone to give her a name.

Temperament: this dog has an easy going, loping style. She has soft body language around people and wagged her whole body when we took her out of her kennel. She is very gentle with her mouth when playing. She would rather be beside her handler than chase a ball. She is very engaging with people. Not frantic or hyper even in a kennel context. (Volunteer who wrote this is not a certified temp tester. These are just impressions after spending half an hour with her.)

Other animals: The vet techs report that this dog plays well with other dogs in the exercise yard. She wagged her tail while walking past barking dogs when volunteers were visiting. She has not been assessed with cats but can be.

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