Friday, July 1, 2011

Mr Scooter Candy Man

Mr Man was abandoned in a carrier outside of the vet's office last week. A person who lives above the vet happened to see him--it was nighttime and about to rain--and so she brought him in. There was a note in the carrier. It said "My name is Scooter. Please help me find a good home."

Readers, this kind person took Scooter in and is now his fostermom. Fostermom Candice, and the vet staff, don't feel that 'Scooter' is a good name for this cat. The vet staff were calling him "Candy Man" because he's just that sweet. Candice is calling him Mr Man. Can you help us find him a good home?

Candice says "There's something almost distinguished about Mr. Man. His personality is super chill. He likes being held ... fter a minute or so, he'll purr and maybe nuzzle your chin. He acclimates quickly to new situation and seems most comfortable just sitting on the window sill watching birds. He'll approach you when you ask him to, unless of course he's busy with something else on his mind."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring, Fostermom Candice!

Ruth said...

Yeah Candice -and I like how one of his new names echoes yours! A fitting tribute to your kindness.

Kyle said...

Candice, the world is lucky to have people like you to at least try to cancel out all of the jerks of the world, like the one who left this sweet boy outside the vet's office. If there's an afterlife, there's a special place in it for people like you. :)