Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet William

Sweet William, a friendly TNR from Tanya's Tribe. William had somehow gotten into her basement--he must have figured out that's where homeless cats got fed--and was hiding out there! This photo was taken post-surgery in his overnight fosterspace. He is a sweet young orange male cat. We have returned him and Tanya will take good care of him.

People often query (sometimes very rudely) why or how we could possibly return a friendly cat to the street. The answer is there are simply not enough indoor homes for all of them. Cats who have received their veterinary care courtesy of us and who have caretakers must (generally) be returned; our very limited fosterspaces are (usually) for needy/homeless cats who do NOT have the fortune to be part of a caretaken colony. The other option is to bring cats to a kill shelter, and we believe that feral or even friendly COLONY cats (not solo friendly cats) are better served by the TNR movement.

Thanks to recent donors Faith H., Mike H., Leslie S., and Katherine K., who donated "in memory of Josie and in honor of Mr. Ori."

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Martha said...

And Sweet William is a very lucky cat, indeed!