Friday, April 29, 2011


This little story happened right before Passover. We went to the Animal Welfare League's intake facility to rescue a specific kitty but ...

5:30 p.m. This kitten was in a cage all by his little self. My older daughter took an immediate shine.

6:30 p.m. Shine is reciprocated. "Little girl ... never let me go."

8:30 p.m. Blissful girl-kitten slumber.

More cute pix of my little girl snuggling tiny kittens, you know you love them!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ozzie Guillen

So...remember Dan Ryan, found on the highway by Heather S.? How about Tinsel, found on the highway by Heather S.? Well readers, meet Ozzie Guillen...found on the highway by Heather S.

Heather wrote that "yesterday driving to school from work I drove by a tiny fluff in the middle of the Dan Ryan (again) at the 35th St Red Line stop. I knew it was a kitty b/c of two pefectly shaped teeny triangle ears sticking up. I of course panicked, got off at the next exit and did the route again. I spotted kitty and pulled over ...kitty was TINY and crying and just wandering around in the little 2-ft space he had between the L and traffic. Kitty was terrified and would start to walk toward me and a truck would go by and kitty would turn around and run the other way. Kitty eventually hunkered down with his back to me and I ran and scruffed him and put him in the car. I have absolutely no idea how this tiny kitten got where he did. He is maybe 4-5 wks old, still has little blue eyes and must have just been weaned, or maybe not yet. He was able to drink kitten formula last night without being bottle fed so we also tried some wet kitten food this morning which he gobbled up."

Because he was found near the White Sox stadium wearing a little black and white uniform, he is now known as Ozzie Guillen (if you don't understand this sentence, you are clearly not on the South Side of Chicago). As for Heather S....keep driving, baby.


Our last report on Evan, a Liliana Colony cat, was that we returned him outside. But his caretaker called us and said he had an open wound on his neck, so we brought him back inside where he's mended just fine and discovered an unsurprising affinity for the inside life. Fostermom Emily says "Evan is a sweet boy who is happy to either cuddle up or just hang out on the sofa. He's got a healthy appetite and is an easy keeper. He's also a voracious defender of his territory/the apartment against the evil (and loud) printer." Evan did test positive for FIV, a chronic but manageable condition. Consider adding him to your home-office staff!

We are quickly running out of foster homes as we look towards summer. Help us avoid boarding cats! Apply to foster or adopt today:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Frida update

Frida, now Lily, has been adopted. We found Frida living in an alley around 62nd and Cottage Grove.

Forevermom Norah writes that "After spending her first night behind the bathtub, and her second, third, and fourth nights under the bed, Lily has now acclimated herself and fully joined the family. I let the first relationship to develop be the one between Lily and Mallow, my elderly and very sweet dog. Mallow is a cat groupie. She loves cats, cat toys, cat treats, and sometimes sits in the windowsill like a big cat. Mallow was thrilled from the very first moment, but she needed to patiently wait until Lily allowed herself to be sniffed all over. Now, every night, the three of us sit down and have a little festival of cat treats. One for Lily, one for Mallow, one for Lily, one for Mallow, etc.

Frida-Lily only found her wonderful forever home because somebody (thanks Cheneys!) stepped up and became a first-time foster home. If you can find room in your home and your heart to foster, you are making it possible for a cat like Frida to become a real housecat.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Biloxi is the newest intake from Heather S., our hard-working TNR partner in the Pullman neighborhood. She reports that Biloxi is an extremely friendly and attentive kitty. He loves rolling over to expose his tummy, gentle head butting and constant purring (even when we were clipping his nails!) Despite his slightly off-center toupee, he has "movie star good looks" and a charming, calm personality. He just wants to love and be loved on. He loves attention and if you talk to him in a high-pitched voice he gets really "twisty" and likes to roll over and look at you upside down. Adopt him!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Eclipse was left behind when his "owner" moved out of a property near 55th and Woodlawn. Our volunteer Laura S. was on the case. She brought him to Treehouse for neutering and veterinary care and had him in our half-way house (another volunteer's garage) wondering where on earth we could stash him, since we are so short on fosterspace. Then Clara, seeking a friendly young male cat, met him and -- boom! Luv. Clara says "he loves to help me read" (he is keeping warm on the kindle in this picture). Cats + books = life is good.

Edited to add just-received photo. Looking good, Eclipse!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Older Kittens Need Homes Too

We have several older kittens who are waiting for their forever homes. Please consider adopting one or two of our older kittens before they become adult cats!

Found wandering around by herself south of the midway. Playful and dear.

Languishing in despair at AWL until one of our volunteers said she could foster. Now the perfect kitteh.

Born outside to a feral mom in the (former) Battlestar Galactica colony site. Talullah is my foster kitten. She is shy to strangers but at night she sits with me on the couch and we have long snuggling and kissing sessions. She is delicious.

Hugh H. and Madame B.
Talullah's siblings! A boy and a girl born outside. These two are an inseparable pair of cute lovability.

Anna Conda
Fantastic older kitten.

Born and raised outside in Woodlawn. Like Talullah, will never be the kitty to enjoy a party of strangers, but will give her companion person all the love and loyalty in her sweet kitty heart.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tinker and her kittens

Tinker the Mama Cat is still at large. She escaped from her fosterhome and left her SEVEN babies behind (I erroneously reported five before). We have split the kittens into three separate fosterhomes and give huge props to bottlefeeding angels Brigit, Megg, Laura, and Eudora. The kittens are going to be OK but they'd be better with their mother, and we need to get her back in any case. Please keep an eye out for her. Can you help poster? Write to with sightings or to get posters or to help on the ground with the traps.

AcornOtter and Hazel are being bottlefed by Laura and Eudora.

Monday, April 18, 2011

in the news

UCSC News : Hyde Park Cats and PAWS Uchicago

Chicago Lampoon
Pictured in the story is Istria, the day we got him!

Thanks to some of our regular donors for their recent gifts: Chris G., Rhonda S., Veronica W., and Mike H. Purrrrrrs to you.

Anna Conda

Fostermom Keitlyn felt this beautiful kitty's coat was reminiscent of an anaconda -- hence, Miss Anna Conda! This gorgeous "marble rye" girl is just a kitten. She has striking orange eyes. She's confident, playful, and loving.

To all our readers -- chag sameach! A zissen und kosher Pesach!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sylvester is an intelligent, sensitive, curious, young adult male who was in a bit of a neglectful situation. We have him now and we're seeking an attentive home for this guy. He’s super playful: he loves to hide in his purple and yellow cat cube and pounce out from it onto the unsuspecting ball as it whizzes round the cat track. Chasing and throwing balls or mouse toys is another favorite pastime. His number one way of showing affection is the nudge-followed-by-tummy-rub-rollover.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Meshi is a young female cat, a true torbie -- tabby and tortie together! She has a beautiful face with gorgeous eyes and a special chubby tail. She lives in a fosterhome with two children and a dog and is friendly and happy with all of them, and with visitors. She likes to cuddle and sit on laps' she loves to play with toys. She would be great in a family home! Meshi is one of our AWL finds.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Demure and stunning, Taylor is an affectionate seven-year-old torbie declaw who looks for laps and laps up attention. Though her eyes are yellow rather than violet, Taylor has the beauty and presence of her namesake. Are you the Burton to offer this cat her diamond collar? Taylor is ready for immediate adoption.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Stormy is a handsome gray male from Barbara's in Woodlawn who received his TNR services last week. No more kitten-making for you, sir!

On the other hand, we have some new kittehs available for adoption. Check it out!

Thanks to Janet F. and Bev T. for the food! Yes, we do take opened bags of cat or kitten food, and we're not picky. Thanks also to Parkers, Hyde Park's natural dog/cat market, who continue to take donations for -- cash, credit card (added to purchase), or food.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is Tinker, a young MAMA CAT who gave birth under a porch! She has five kittens and ... the other day she jumped out a window! Listen, I understand wanting to get away from your kids. But Tinker can't find her way back and her kittens need her. She escaped from 54th and Ellis. No collar. Longish hair. We need Hyde Parkers to look for her! Write in to be put in touch with the Lost Mamacat coordinator. Her babies are being bottlefed but need their mama back.

AWL Visit

Yesterday evening Adoption Coordinator Ainat and I and our girls went to the Animal Welfare League facility at 62nd and Wabash (a couple minutes drive). This facility is not able to do adoptions to the public; the only ways out are euthanasia or being pulled by a rescue group. While we were there we met a lovely dilute tortie who had been brought into the facility in a duct-taped roasting pan; a ten-year-old half-blind miniature pinscher, two pregnant cats (the facility cannot spay), and several mamacats with numerous adorable babies. It's so hard to see them all in their little cages, their desperation and desire. We left with one adorable singleton kitten and one older kitten who looks like the living embodiment of a marble rye (gorgeous, delicious). See our Facebook page for more photos of cats at AWL who require rescue and watch for updates in the next few days. We also currently have several AWL cats available for adoption, including a female declaw.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


One of Barbara's cats and the mom of Brie and Cheddar, yesterday's post. She received her TNR services and shall procreate no more.

Here she is right after being released back at Barbara's (click on the image if you want to enlarge):

Monday, April 11, 2011

Brie and Cheddar

We've been doing some work in Woodlawn with Barbara, who has been feeding lots of neighborhood cats on her block. Last week we TNRed two cats for her and also brought these cutie-pies inside to find forever homes! Check out this slideshow of the kittens living outside, taken by Briana. Thanks for getting them, Briana. They are currently in Keitlyn and Agnes' loving fosterhome.

Tomorrow: meet Rufette, their mom!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long-term Foster Week: Ilaria

Long-term foster week concludes with ILARIA.

Ilaria has been in fostercare with us since September, when she was found crouched in a pothole in the middle of the street. Every few days we have a little confab regarding our disbelief that Ilaria is still with us. She's had a couple different fosterparents (for internal scheduling reasons) and they all love her. She's snuggly and enjoys hugs, she's beautiful and fwuffy, she's playful and engaging and will make you laugh. Look thru the past pictures to see how adorable she is. Please scroll through this link for photos of this pretty girl. Here is a hilarious photo of Ilaria staring down some cauliflower. Check her out with some chutney. Ilaria is an active young cat, a bit of a scamp perhaps, but fostermoms report she's settled down some in the past couple months.

Ilaria's fostermoms are moving away from the area soon. We all want very much not to move her into another fosterhome. Apply to adopt this HPCats favorite -- and don't forget our tax-season rebate is going on throughout April.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Long-term foster week: Domino

It's DOMINO's turn to be featured during long-term foster week. Domino came to us from a high-kill animal control facility with a bleeding wound but is now fit and maybe a little fat. More about Domino.

Fostermom Claire says that "Domino is a very very cool and easy-going kitty, not shy at all, social, very playful and affectionate. He loves sleeping, stretching, being brushed, pet on his belly, getting massages, enjoying his cat-scratcher, eating ham (ham is heaven), observing birds, playing "hide and seek" behind doors (see video) but most of all: watching at the window... he is in love with our neighbor's orange kitty. He can see her sometimes sitting at the opposite window ... so romantic!"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long-term Foster Week: Robin

This week I'm spotlighting some of our wonderful cats who have been in foster care for a while. Since we're offering a TAX SEASON discount, can you consider adding one of these wonderful adult cats into your home -- forever?

Robin is one of those cats who just doesn't show well to potential adopters. He came in from the cold of an alley and for a while his finder thought he was a feral cat, but over time he has morphed not only into a friendly but a LAP-a-LOVE-a-CAT. Robin requires a special adopter who knows that it can take certain cats a long time to acclimate into a new household. There are some adorable photos here at Robin's flikr stream that capture something of his purrsonality.

Robin's backstory ... surprises, surprises.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The baited trap.

Mom! What are you doing!

Demetri in the trap

We interrupt Long-Term Foster Week to bring you ... Demetri, who was trapped last night around 55th and Cornell. Demetri is a glossy black male who had been sheltering in something we think was maybe built to hide electrical stuff. It just so happens that his little den is right under the window of Kailee, the adopter of Raygn and Storm! She reached out for some trapping help and we were able to trap Demetri the first night. He spent a quiet night in a bathroom in is currently at Treehouse Clinic, along with five other cats. Good work Kailee! Good work, Laura S. who is now coordinating our Treehouse visits.

We need help posting ads on Craigslist. If you are interested in helping out, email for more info.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long-term foster week: Buckley

During this week I'm featuring wonderful cats who have been in foster care for a while. BUCKLEY is a fantastic cat who was found in a feral colony! But he's no feral cat. Fostermom Sarah writes: "This pic shows Buckley's ferociousness when it comes to window treatments. Grrrrr."

Sarah also says about Buckley "He's kind of a "bro cat". He plays hard, he naps hard, he eats like a champ. But he's the farthest thing from being too cool for kisses and snuggles--he loves to curl up on my lap or next to me on the couch. He will even wedge himself between me and the back of the couch while I'm watching a movie and make himself a little "snuggle fort" and purr away. ◊ He's extremely curious about everything! Where the water comes from in the faucets, what makes the vacuum cleaner so noisy (although he keeps his distance), what I'm actually doing when I do the dishes, what's in the refrigerator (he actually tries to climb in there!), what's behind his litter box, what's at the end of a keeps me smiling! ◊ He's become quite the chatty little guy! If I ask him a question or even just throw a general "Meow!" his way, he'll usually answer...or talk back. I can never tell! ◊He's awesome at letting me trim his front claws. Mostly he just goes limp and I can tell he's all "just get it over with".

He'd make a great addition to any family. He'd be a great companion if you live on your own, or an awesome buddy if you're a couple, and he'd love to be in the action if you're a family with kids."

Video of Buckley being a lovah:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Long-term foster week: Tiberias

This week I'm spotlighting some of our wonderful cats who have been in foster care for a while. Some cats remain in foster homes longer than others for various reasons -- maybe we have multiple cats with a similar look, for instance, or the cat is shy with new people and just doesn't "show" well. Since we're offering a TAX SEASON discount, can you consider adding one of these wonderful and patiently waiting adult cats into your home -- forever?


Fostermom Sarah writes that "He is still playful as ever and enjoys keeping us company. He just wants to play with our other cat, but she is not interested and doesn't want to share us with him. He likes watching TV and is full of energy like many young cats. He's becoming a video game junkie and loves to follow any moving objects on the screen. He also can't get enough playtime with boxes and bags. His favorite toy is usually a cardboard box with holes cut out and some string attached. He also has discovered the bathtub faucet, and although he hasn't figured out how to drink from there yet, he still enjoys batting and biting the water. We've also learned that Tiberias is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Every cat I've ever had runs away when the vacuum cleaner comes out of the closet, but he just follows me around, curious about what I'm doing."

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Marketplace ad for guinea pig. We are not handling this but hope the guinea pig can find a good home.

Thanks to James M. for his monthly donation! At $25/month, over the course of a year James will underwrite TEN spay/neuters at Treehouse.