Monday, February 7, 2011

Dan Ryan

Either Heather S. is not allowed to drive on the highways anymore ... or she must drive on the highways exclusively, rescuing cats in need!

Heather S., our TNR partner in Pullman, who recently saved Tinsel from the median of highway 290, writes: "I dropped Tinsel off at her foster home this morning and on my drive back from Hyde Park, feeling really great about that, I'm on the Dan Ryan going east. About a quarter mile before the 87th Street exit, I see to my left a little huddled mass squished up against the concrete median that separates the red line tracks from the Dan Ryan--in the MIDDLE of the highway. I just kept praying it wasn't what I thought it was as I took the next exit, turned around and did the route again. There is virtually no shoulder to pull over onto, so I put on my blinkers and slowed way down as I eyed the little fuzzy mass ahead. I pulled up and sure enough, a freezing filthy skinny tabby sitting in a puddle of black water. I ran up behind him and scruffed him and put him in the passenger side of the car under the heat.

He appeared to be an adult male and had a bleeding mouth and scuffed up face. I took him straight over to Sue's (a friend who is a vet tech) house and she examined him and we cleaned him up. He was shaking and of course seemed completely in shock but he let Sue examine him. Although very stunned, he is friendly and appears to have been someone's kitty, as there is a very obvious indentation in the fur around his neck where a collar clearly had been for a long time. Sue thinks he must have been thrown from the car based on the injuries to his mouth and leg. Either that or he was grazed by a car. In spite of this, he seems to be able to use his legs and Sue did not feel anything that indicated that anything was broken. He is now warm and eating in one of Sue's kennels. He also started to groom himself, which is a good sign. He is definitely unfixed (of course). Unreal.

Of course we're calling him Dan Ryan."

Dan Ryan is very friendly. UPDATED INFO: He is now neutered, neg/neg for viruses, and although he's got some boo-boos he's on the mend and ready for his forever home. He is a friendly and loving boy.


lilolady said...

Thats amazing. Heather is twice amazing. So, I worry about her grabbing unknown kittehs with unknown injuries and on the quick amid traffic - and wonder if she could get a rabies vaccination, for just in case of a next time.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just ... wow.

Diane H said...

Oh Heather -