Thursday, February 3, 2011

HPCats and the Blizzard of 2011

How did Hyde Park Cats cats face the blizzard of 2011?

Koko (Parkview Katz colony) spent the night inside but made a break for it in the morning.

Polly: Spent day on desk, which is above radiator.

Justin: Doesn't know what's going on outside and doesn't care; too busy enjoying having food again.

Effi: Content to watch snow from inside.

Oatmeal: Seems intrigued. Immediately after this picture was taken was forced to snuggle and watch a cartoon.

Parkview Katz colony cats: Riding it out in caretaker Aimee's garage. She reports a six-foot drift against their usual escape hatch.

Beano: Hey! What's that! Play with me, white stuff!

In the MJK Alley:

MJK reports that getting to the alley post-snowfall was a challenge. "Poor kitties – their houses were completely snowed in,[see post below for a picture of the shelters before the snowfall] so I shoveled them out. I thought the houses were unoccupied, the cats hopefully having sought shelter in a basement, but then there was a dark streak and little Onyx broke through the drift in front of her house and fled up the tree. I shoveled out a space for their new “snow buffet” and put out food. I walked over to 62nd Street (which was completely drifted shut) and over to the abandoned house (where we often see the cats). I saw a glimpse of two cats and was delighted to see that they had somehow plowed out a little road for themselves from the house to the sidewalk. This makes me hopeful that they took shelter from the storm in the basement, keeping each other warm, and that they would go in search of the food that I left them."


Ruth said...

At least none of these cats were trapped overnight in their cars on Lakeshore Drive!

ladyjanewriter said...

Except for Toonces, the Driving Cat. ;-) Kidding

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful collection of inside vs outside thoughts

Anonymous said...

Those MJK Alley cats are really resourceful.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for being so caring!