Friday, February 4, 2011


Joan P. wrote in over the blizzard with a donation: "In memory of Marissa, whom I adopted from a shelter and with whom I had five wonderful years, until she suddenly became seriously ill yesterday, and had to be put to sleep. Thank goodness Dr. Wake and some of his staff had made it to their office. I hope this will help another kitty get the good care HPAC has given my cats. Bless you, too, for what you do." This picture "catches her in a very typical pose; she loved to get between me and my computer. So here she is, catching a mouse!" Purrs.

We also heard from reader Martha B. that her tabby-and-white kitty Sparky passed away last week. In his memory she sent us a generous donation to cover Justin's bill at the clinic. Martha says "I can't think of a better tribute to Sparky than to give another feral brought in from the cold a fighting shot at a good life.  (Sparky was my first feral rescue.)" It's a wonderful memorial (but I do want to emphasize that Justin is an extremely friendly cat)! Purrs.

I also want to mention Sammy, in Urbana. My smooth gray friend Sammy recently passed away after a good long life with my dear friend Marya. Sammy, I remember many moments of petting you, and chatting with you, for instance about how really you might not really need any more food. In particular I remember once sleeping with your wonderful gray catpillowness. Thank you for all the love you gave my friend and all of us. Purrs.


lilolady said...

So sweet the memories, so sad their passing, our most grateful family members bring our loving tears, and we know they have been a gift from God.

Ruth said...

And news today (Saturday) of another passing. Some kind people in Hyde Park took in a cat who had been in their neighborhood for a while but who hadn't let them catch him until now. They contacted HPC and while they gave him safe harbor overnight, we were making arrangements to take him in. He died overnight. Thanks to people like them who take the time to notice the suffering of anonymous creatures and who give them a safer, warmer death than they might have had otherwise.