Sunday, February 6, 2011




Domino came to us from NW Indiana. We work with a volunteer at a high-kill city impound which does not do any veterinary work or adoptions. The animals in there have two options: be "pulled" by a rescue organization or be euthanized. While our primary mission is to help the cats found on the streets around our neighborhood, when we have a fosterhome open, if this volunteer in IN calls, we extend our boundaries! Domino here came into the impound as a stray (picked up by Animal Control). He had a bleeding wound on one paw. Luckily Claire and Olivier's loving fosterhome was open (because Rigoli had just been adopted), so the IN folks transported Domino to Hyde Park Animal Clinic, where he received veterinary care for his bleeding, abcessed wound. Claire and Olivier changed his bandages and gave him his meds, and now he is just fine and ready for adoption. Merci, Claire et Olivier. If you live in NW Indiana and would like to learn about occasional transport of animals as a volunteer service, please write in. should adopt Domino if you want a cat who:
  • wears your favorite numbers: 2 on one side, 3 on the other
  • is super friendly and an extrovert
  • loves being pet just as much as he loves petting you
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    Martha said...

    A Steelers fan has to adopt Domino. His number is 32, three dots on one side and two on the other, just like Franco Harris!