Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb. AWL Volunteer Day

Please join us for our monthly visit to the Animal Welfare League intake facility on Sunday, February 27th, to cuddle and play with their kitties, or if you prefer, walk dogs, or perform other needed tasks such as bagging food. We welcome drivers to help with carpooling, and we also arrange safe public-transit togetherness.

On Saturday the 26th we will have a meatball-making session, because HPCats loves our doggie friends too. Meatballs help skinny dogs by providing extra protein; they also help the staff feed and socialize the dogs. Everyone is happier to cooperate when meatballs are involved! Meatball making takes about an hour and is a nice social event, too.

AWL is an open-door facility, which means they take any animal brought there. As a result, they are often filled with animals who desperately need love and attention. Your visit to the animals makes a true difference.

If you're interested in participating in any or all of the volunteer weekend, email Kim at (kriosmorrison) @ (

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