Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Some of our friends in the MJK Alley at 5pm last night. Bottom picture: look carefully for Aida's head peeking out of the shelter ... if only all of Chicago's outdoor kitties got to fill their tummies and tuck themselves away in a shelter to wait out the storm.


Anonymous said...

You guys really perform a wonderful service. I wish I had more money to donate.

bundeleh said...

More important than donating money is ground-roots effort and support to help other cats. Write to your alderperson, newspaper, etc. Find out what TNR efforts are underway in your community! It's really important that people NOT caring about outdoor cats find out more. Most people just have no idea.

lilolady said...

I agree with both Anonymous and Bundeleh.

Hey, I see Aida with one ear, one eye peering out, AND I see another kitty in the bottom most shelter too. At least two kitties in shelters!!!