Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Augustus is a playful and curious young man who came in from the cold at Parkview Katz Colony (51st and Cottage Grove). This happens every so often -- we discover a perfectly lovely and friendly cat among the ferals, and it's our mission to get those cats into a loving home.

Now that he's inside, Gus spends his days playing on his catnip scratching mat and with with his blue fish toy. Sometimes he'll watch out the front windows or take a nap in the sun room. If he's not playing you will find him sprawled out somewhere in the house. He isn't picky about soft spots; he would rather be around you. Fostermom Courtney says Gus is "very loving, he loves attention and isn't afraid to show it by purring."

Augustus is neg/neg, neutered, and ready to be adopted. He will keep your lap warm all winter long, no matter how long winter lasts.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way his eyes match his coat.