Saturday, February 26, 2011


Fosterdad writes, and I quote, "Maria is the sweetest little thing." He says "she arrived sneezing (recovering from an upper respiratory infection), super skinny, and pretty scared. Now when I come home she's usually happy to see me and will stretch out for me to rub her belly, but she's easily spooked. I hang out with her when I feed her and she's happy and friendly then. She's very gentle.

She's quite small--maybe has more growing to do--but she's eating well and seems to be flourishing. She's a tuxedo cat with an adorable little white mustache and cute white paws. A lovely cat: she would be a fine addition to the most well-mannered home (great attire, sophisticated mustache, discreet demeanor."

Maria came to us from the Animal Welfare League. She had recently had a litter of kittens and was still lactating but she came in alone. This lovely sleek and shiny tuxedo girl is a sweetheart and will make someone very happy, but it may take her a while in a new home to blossom socially.

Thanks to Rhonda S., James M., and Mike H. for their recent donations.


Anonymous said...

She looks and sounds like Sweet Pea's twin. If she stays true to type, she will be a wonderful companion for someone who is willing to give her love, patience, and a sense of security.

--Amy M.

Ainat said...

She is a very sweet kitty who overcame an awful upper respiratory infection while still at Animal Welfare League. She only survived because we had committed to take her in and the shelter manager gave her fluids and force fed her baby food to keep her alive. She is eating fine now and regaining her weight.

Anonymous said...

Maria has gotten much more friendly in the last week or so--it took her a while but she has really started to blossom now and will meow at my door if I close it at night to come in. She's very, very sweet and very gentle. She will be a great cat for someone with a little patience, and perfect for someone who wants a less than in-your-face feline companion.
--Matt (fosterdad)