Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This morning we got a tip from dog/cat rescuer Eevie that a man had dumped a "red pittie "on Lakeshore at 39th St. Eevie's quickly typed Facebook post said "It's stuck on t freeway with icebanks on either side. Can you go look for it? 911 has been called, but it is iin great danger."

Once reposted to Hyde Park Cats the cat ladies rallied. Hyde Park Cats volunteers Ruth, Laura, and Megg did what they could, gently pursuing this poor dog up and down the lakeshore trail for over an hour this morning. They called and offered food and dropped down low and did everything they could to reassure her. She was scared, confused and tired--but not tired enough to give up. They kept her off Lakeshore Drive until the very end --when they last saw her she was walking north on the southbound lane of traffic.

The police and ACC have been alerted to her.

Thanks to everyone who called with offers of help and in particular to a runner (friend of HPC volunteer Becca) who was immensely helpful. Many drivers stopped too on LSD and asked how they could help. One had reported the dog earlier this morning.

The dog was not aggressive, just scared. It is large, reddish, and has yellow eyes. If you can capture this dog--SAFELY- please bring her to the Hyde Park Animal Clinic and Hyde Park Cats will work with Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue on her case. Another group is going over to the lakeshore right now. If you can help email for a contact phone number.


bundeleh said...

UPDATE 3:15 pm Dog is going South at 33rd along train tracks just west of LSD (Southbound).

Anonymous said...

I live and work in the suburbs but am asking a relative of mine who lives in a building on north LSD to post something in her building. Some pet owners can be SO cruel! What is wrong with people?

Yvonne said...

Thank you to everyone who tried so hard to help this terrified dog out in the bitter cold. I was so upset to be stuck at work and unable to help, and it made me happy to know you all were on the case. The friend who initially alerted me to the dog told me she actually saw a man dump the dog out of his black sedan and drive away. She passed this info on to the 911 operator. CBBR's foster homes are utterly full right now, and we've had to turn away so many worthy dogs lately. If you have been following this story and think you might want to foster this dog (if we can find her) or another worthy pittie, please fill out an adoption application with us at Thank you SO MUCH to Hyde Park Cats for being the greatest all-around animal protectors out there. May this little red girl find safety with someone as kind as you all.

Ainat said...

One of Trio's founders posted on facebook that this dog should be brought to AWL at 62nd and Wabash if found. This could be a good temporary solution and give us time to find a foster home.