Friday, February 25, 2011


The brother-sister "cowtens," Madame Bovary (smaller) and Hugh Heifer, are so named because they look like Frisian cows. Available for adoption!

Hugh (also nicknamed Hewligan and Mewligan) is still a bit shy - he knows his foster parents and is comfortable around them (and in fact likes to be near wherever people are) but isn't so sure about being touched yet. I think he may come around eventually but will need lots of patience and gentleness. For now, he *loves* playing with his foster parents and his sister, and he also loves being near people and will cuddle and purr next to you or near you, as long as you don’t move too suddenly. He also likes chasing his tail and licking things like carpet and books (including our Oxford English Lictionary).

What HH lacks in cuddliness Mme. B makes up for threefold. She is one of the snuggliest kittens I've met - she loves to sit on laps, be carried around, and be petted as much as possible; sometimes when she's in the throes of playing she'll run up for some scratches before going back to her toys or brother. She is SUPER friendly and confident. She has bunny-soft fur and will also be sure that whoever is petting her gets a thorough bath. She's also very attached to her brother.

Even if Hugh is a bit shy, they make a great pair and keep fosterparents and each other great company. They're also pretty easy in terms of feeding and cleaning and looking after. They love: playing and wrestling, sunshine, things that move or can be batted around, treats, naps, investigating (a la Mewis and Clark)


Anonymous said...

Those symmetrical half-mustaches are adorable. What happens when the two halves of the mustache join?

Ainat said...

Wondertwins, Activate!!