Monday, April 30, 2012


Cyclops, a feral guy from the MJK alley, was trapped on Thursday, neutered on Friday. On Saturday evening, he was back in his alley, looking unfazed by the experience. He had a nasty eye wound that was originally worrisome (hence the name) but it was treated and is healing nicely. Stay safe, Cyclops!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Stanley is an excellent cat.  Fosterdad Patrick says "He spends most of his time on the couch with us, but he does retreat to his bed for alone time every now and then.  Unlike some cats, he prefers open spaces to hiding beneath furniture fixtures.  He is always thrilled to see us upon coming home- walking through the door provokes an enthusiastic meow and several rounds of amicable head-butting.  He is fascinated by all things human; computers, the sink, curry, and shoes (among other things) excite him.  Stan loves to play- both with us and on his own.  He is easily entranced by a dangling string and enjoys solo games of ping pong ball soccer.  

His behavior is flawless.  He is potty-trained, he does not scratch the furniture, and he waits until we wake up to demand we feed him.  He is as friendly and easy going as a cat can be, and he responds favorably to new people.  He boasts social skills superior to those of a typical University of Chicago student.  Social as he may be, he rarely becomes a nuisance, and when he does it is simply too cute to truly be annoying."

Stanley was a colony cat who made his way to us, but he must have been somebody's pet at some point. Write to to apply to bring this handsome and fab man home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maceo and Wesley

Maceo and Wesley are a bonded female-male pair of sibling kittens. Maceo is a very interesting tabby-tortie mix -- the orange stripe on her head is an unusual marking! Wesley is her gingery brother.
Fostermom Claire writes "First of all, they are very playful. They like chasing each other, or the laser dot, doing acrobatic jumps and funny pirouettes (Wesley has the habit to run very fast in direction of a wall and bounce on it...!). Maceo is very brave. She likes to play with the cord of my hair dryer when it's on! Both are very happy to jump in the bathtub to play with the little water drops on the curtain. When they at last decide to rest, Wesley purrs very loudly and meows asking to be pet more. He loves neck massages. Maceo is like a rag doll when we pet her (she doesn't resist at all and can stay in funny yoga positions). They are both perfectly litter trained, not picky with food, like the scratcher so much that they also eat the cardboard... they are still very shy when someone new enters the apartment, unless this someone has a laser..."
Their brothers Ellis and Bootsy are ALSO available (as a pair).
And here is how we found them, in a Church garage in an alley. We could not find their mother.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Miriam, a very beautiful calico-and-white gal, was easily "captured" in the Liliana alley recently. She was noticably pregnant, so she was brought immediately to the vet, who gave us some surprising news -- Miriam appears to be about five years old. We surmise that she was put out or abandoned by her owners sometime in the last year, because despite being quite dirty, banged up, and hungry (and did we mention pregnant) she is negative for FIV and FeLV. Fosterdad says "Miriam took to my house as soon as she walked in. Explored all over, checked every room and closet, tested out the carpeting, singled out her favorite spots and settled in. She likes the office chair best -- gives her a panoramic view of the whole house. Sleeping at the end of the bed is not bad either. But most of all she likes to get her head scratched, to do figure-eights, and to eat, eat, eat, especially the wet food. A sweet, sweet girl all around, and very easy (with perfect litter box habits)." Apply to adopt Miriam or any of our other cats and kittens available for adoption by writing to

Monday, April 23, 2012

summer fosterers needed

Every summer many of our wonderful fosterers leave town, either for the summer or for good. This summer it seems we may be hit particularly hard, and so we're seeking some good foster homes. If you've thought about fostering before but it never seemed like the time was right -- make it right! We need you!
Please write to for more information or for an application.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Spot is a puppy trapped in a cat’s body. Saved from the Pullman neighborhood alleys by Heather and Sue, Spot got his name for his fuzzy grey spots and smudges, but also because he likes to retrieve foil balls. He is an energetic, playful young guy who loves toys, human attention, and any window where he can watch trees and birds! We are pretty sure Spot didn’t get to spend enough time with his mom as a kitten because he does sometimes need assistance with minding his manners – usually a quick “No!” and a tap on the nose will do the trick when he is getting rambunctious. Spot is an extrovert with a big personality but also a fuzzy, cuddly, purring lover. Spot is a wonderful guy who just needs a mom or dad with patience and time to play and give him the exercise and attention he needs. Spot likes other cats and is open to making dog friends. Email to apply for this adorable rambunctious guy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Riesling is a sweet young boy cat. Fostermom Courtney says "he is by far the most well behaved kitten I have had. He is very sweet and has never bitten or scratched." He is a bit spooked by noises, but he warms up to people quickly. He enjoys his big fosterbrother (cat) and has always lived with other cats. Riesling is an attractive and sweet little guy just seeking a furrrrrever home. He is neutered, vaxed, neg/neg, and available NOW! Email to apply. Hurry!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sofia update

An update on Sofia, a little kitten found by our partner in Pullman. Sofia, a sweet little kitten, had rickets, and Heather and Sue, Pullman's cat-saving team, were working to save her life. I'm very pleased to report that Sofia's last veterinary appointment was good the vets said her calcium treatment is working. Heather says she's doing great. She's been living in Sue's home in a giant protective enclosure, and now that her bones are getting stronger she gets supervised playtime in the home.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the chip-in for Sofia's care. You have truly saved a life.

Our gratitude to recent donors James M., Mike H., and Susan K. Susan, we're so glad Pumpkin came back and that our advice was helpful! May all "my cat is lost!" stories turn out so well.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Violet is a gorgeous long-haired tortie who was living in the streets of Englewood, a neighborhood to our west. Erin B. contacted us about how to TNR her alley, and voila -- Violet! Violet is a super sweet girl who is adjusting well to indoor life; she has a favorite hiding spot under the bed, but once you start petting her there's no way she's going to let you stop! She's full of purrs and loves lounging in laps but enjoys chasing feet around the house too. Fostermom says "She is an absolute love bug." Email to apply to adopt this special girl.

Although Violet has a clean bill of health and is neg/neg, her alley companion Grantham (yes, this is a "Downton Abbey" theme) tested positive for FeLV. Read this fact sheet on FeLV to learn more about this disease that affects so many street cats.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toby L.

Toby is a fun and extremely playful young boycat who was found wandering the streets of Hyde Park. His fostermom says that Toby "is doing fantastic in a home with two cats and two dogs and would very much love to have a brother or sister of his own. He LOVES food and snacks and especially gives love when he hears the treat bag shaking."

Toby must be placed in a home where his curiosity and energy are enjoyed, but safely channeled. He is very curious about everything he comes across (usually knocking it over to see what else it can do) and loves to sit up high in cat trees and on furniture. He is still a young boy with some learning to do and would do best with a furry sibling or two to learn from.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Max the Uptown Cat

Max is a very trusting and incredibly sweet cat, according to fostermom Hamsini. "His main concern in life appears to be maximizing the amount of time he spends snuggled up against you. He is the epitome of mellow--the claws never come out," she says. "He likes to talk, whether it is to let you know that he's hungry, that he's enjoying his belly rub, or that he has once again successfully pooped in the litterbox. When you're not around, he enjoys gazing at the outside world and snoozing on sunny windowsills."

Max was found wandering around the Portage Park neighborhood by Rome, who had recently adopted a cat from PAWS, and therefore could not keep this new find. Through detective work we learned that Max was originally microchipped at Animal Care and Control in 2005. Max, like many of our 'friendly' street cats, may have simply been put out when he was no longer wanted.

Another plus: his shiny, silky soft coat hardly sheds at all. Max is neutered, neg/neg, vaccinated, and ready to go to his furrever home. Please email to apply.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog will be on hiatus for several days. Please check into our Facebook page.

A zissen Pesach, readers!

Also, check out my rescue pibble Latke on the Pitter Patter today!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Smoke is waiting

Smoke is a handsome and loving young male picked up off the streets of northern Hyde Park. Fostermom Ashley writes that "he adores shadows and is fascinated by any  form of reflected light. For example, when I work at my desk and the  outside light is just so, reflecting off of the face of my watch and  onto the wall, Smoke will sit there for at least an hour following and  playing with the light as it travels across the wall. He also loves  curling up inside of semi folded boxes and hiding under tent-like structures (a blanket thrown over a  chair, tissue paper that has fallen to the floor, etc.).  He is a voracious eater--this cat  loves cheese and will steal it from plates and counters if you are not  careful. Lately he has been particularly vocal in a call-and-response  kind of way. I speak to Smoke, Smoke meows, and so on. Smoke also enjoys  perching on the counter and peeking into the shower when it is running.  He gets just close enough to feel the spray, but not get too wet.

Most nights  Smoke will jump into bed when I do, nestle down across my shoulder, and  rest one or both of his paws softly on top of my cheek and across my  neck. In the morning, he is a sure fire alarm clock--letting me know  when he is feeling ready to eat by softly touching my face with his paw  and meowing."

If you are seeking a soft and loving snuggly pillow pet, look no further. Smoke is waiting.

Thanks Hays for the donation of a carrier!