Monday, April 9, 2012

Max the Uptown Cat

Max is a very trusting and incredibly sweet cat, according to fostermom Hamsini. "His main concern in life appears to be maximizing the amount of time he spends snuggled up against you. He is the epitome of mellow--the claws never come out," she says. "He likes to talk, whether it is to let you know that he's hungry, that he's enjoying his belly rub, or that he has once again successfully pooped in the litterbox. When you're not around, he enjoys gazing at the outside world and snoozing on sunny windowsills."

Max was found wandering around the Portage Park neighborhood by Rome, who had recently adopted a cat from PAWS, and therefore could not keep this new find. Through detective work we learned that Max was originally microchipped at Animal Care and Control in 2005. Max, like many of our 'friendly' street cats, may have simply been put out when he was no longer wanted.

Another plus: his shiny, silky soft coat hardly sheds at all. Max is neutered, neg/neg, vaccinated, and ready to go to his furrever home. Please email to apply.

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