Thursday, April 26, 2012


Stanley is an excellent cat.  Fosterdad Patrick says "He spends most of his time on the couch with us, but he does retreat to his bed for alone time every now and then.  Unlike some cats, he prefers open spaces to hiding beneath furniture fixtures.  He is always thrilled to see us upon coming home- walking through the door provokes an enthusiastic meow and several rounds of amicable head-butting.  He is fascinated by all things human; computers, the sink, curry, and shoes (among other things) excite him.  Stan loves to play- both with us and on his own.  He is easily entranced by a dangling string and enjoys solo games of ping pong ball soccer.  

His behavior is flawless.  He is potty-trained, he does not scratch the furniture, and he waits until we wake up to demand we feed him.  He is as friendly and easy going as a cat can be, and he responds favorably to new people.  He boasts social skills superior to those of a typical University of Chicago student.  Social as he may be, he rarely becomes a nuisance, and when he does it is simply too cute to truly be annoying."

Stanley was a colony cat who made his way to us, but he must have been somebody's pet at some point. Write to to apply to bring this handsome and fab man home.

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lilolady said...

Looks to be quite the gentleman!