Thursday, April 19, 2012


Spot is a puppy trapped in a cat’s body. Saved from the Pullman neighborhood alleys by Heather and Sue, Spot got his name for his fuzzy grey spots and smudges, but also because he likes to retrieve foil balls. He is an energetic, playful young guy who loves toys, human attention, and any window where he can watch trees and birds! We are pretty sure Spot didn’t get to spend enough time with his mom as a kitten because he does sometimes need assistance with minding his manners – usually a quick “No!” and a tap on the nose will do the trick when he is getting rambunctious. Spot is an extrovert with a big personality but also a fuzzy, cuddly, purring lover. Spot is a wonderful guy who just needs a mom or dad with patience and time to play and give him the exercise and attention he needs. Spot likes other cats and is open to making dog friends. Email to apply for this adorable rambunctious guy.

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