Monday, April 16, 2012

Sofia update

An update on Sofia, a little kitten found by our partner in Pullman. Sofia, a sweet little kitten, had rickets, and Heather and Sue, Pullman's cat-saving team, were working to save her life. I'm very pleased to report that Sofia's last veterinary appointment was good the vets said her calcium treatment is working. Heather says she's doing great. She's been living in Sue's home in a giant protective enclosure, and now that her bones are getting stronger she gets supervised playtime in the home.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the chip-in for Sofia's care. You have truly saved a life.

Our gratitude to recent donors James M., Mike H., and Susan K. Susan, we're so glad Pumpkin came back and that our advice was helpful! May all "my cat is lost!" stories turn out so well.

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4headedmonster said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear she's doing well! I was very worried. I hope she continues to improve. :)