Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toby L.

Toby is a fun and extremely playful young boycat who was found wandering the streets of Hyde Park. His fostermom says that Toby "is doing fantastic in a home with two cats and two dogs and would very much love to have a brother or sister of his own. He LOVES food and snacks and especially gives love when he hears the treat bag shaking."

Toby must be placed in a home where his curiosity and energy are enjoyed, but safely channeled. He is very curious about everything he comes across (usually knocking it over to see what else it can do) and loves to sit up high in cat trees and on furniture. He is still a young boy with some learning to do and would do best with a furry sibling or two to learn from.


Diane H said...

With that spotted tummy, looks like he has Bengal traits. A very high energy cat.

lilolady said...

Ohhhh he appears to be saying paw-ese someone stroke my tum tum!

Kittenese said...

He looks like he have a great time with my boy kitty who has a similar personality. But my older female would then kill me in my sleep.