Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maceo and Wesley

Maceo and Wesley are a bonded female-male pair of sibling kittens. Maceo is a very interesting tabby-tortie mix -- the orange stripe on her head is an unusual marking! Wesley is her gingery brother.
Fostermom Claire writes "First of all, they are very playful. They like chasing each other, or the laser dot, doing acrobatic jumps and funny pirouettes (Wesley has the habit to run very fast in direction of a wall and bounce on it...!). Maceo is very brave. She likes to play with the cord of my hair dryer when it's on! Both are very happy to jump in the bathtub to play with the little water drops on the curtain. When they at last decide to rest, Wesley purrs very loudly and meows asking to be pet more. He loves neck massages. Maceo is like a rag doll when we pet her (she doesn't resist at all and can stay in funny yoga positions). They are both perfectly litter trained, not picky with food, like the scratcher so much that they also eat the cardboard... they are still very shy when someone new enters the apartment, unless this someone has a laser..."
Their brothers Ellis and Bootsy are ALSO available (as a pair).
And here is how we found them, in a Church garage in an alley. We could not find their mother.

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