Monday, February 20, 2012

Ellis and Bootsy

Ellis and Bootsy: named after two of the members of James Brown's band the J.B.s, these kitties are indeed funky (in a good way!). Ellis is extremely playful and curious. He's always up for playing with toys or his brother, but during down time likes to sit or sleep right next to you. He's got a beautiful, thick coat and regal build. Bootsy is incredibly snuggly and loving. He's totally content to sit on your lap or next to you with his head on your legs endlessly, with the occasional rolling over for belly scratches. He also loves to give you baths, watch TV, and play with his brother. They are an adorable, funny, and super loving pair who are shy with strangers but extremely affectionate with their fosterparents. They have adorable meows that they greet you with, particularly if food is on the way. They pose no problem with scratching, litterbox, etc., and are not picky eaters. Ellis and Bootsy must be adopted as a pair. To learn more, or to apply to adopt them, email


Check out the scary beginnings of these kittens, who were removed from an alley a few months ago. Good work, Team Kittens!

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Martha said...

Thanks for this update. Wondered what had happened to these litters. Ellis and Bootsy look great!