Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RIP Pixie

Pixie, a handsome long-haired orange and white male, was one of the original cats in the MJK alley. For years, he was a regular presence, part of the core group, nicknamed “the sheriff” due to his diligence in chasing away unfriendly cats. Then, at the beginning of the winter, he disappeared. A few weeks ago, Pixie returned to the alley, gaunt and filthy, (we wonder if he was trapped in a basement or a garage). He then vanished again until yesterday when his body was found close to his old familiar haunts.

This photo of Pixie was seen in the 2011 Calendar.

Pixie was probably at least five years old, a relatively long life for an outdoor cat. And, until the last few months, he enjoyed a healthy, happy life. RIP Pixie, and happy trails romping with the other Hyde Park Cats who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before you, especially your colony mates Mona, Felix, and Dana.

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