Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Laffey is a playful, frisky, inquisitive and adorable young cat. He was turned into the high-kill facility in NW Indiana from whom we have rescued several cats over the years. He's about six months old, and so excited to learn all he can about the world! He is fascinated by water, and loves to be close to his human family -- so when his fosterkids are having a bath, he will pop up
with his front paws resting on the rim of the tub and look in. Another favorite spot of his is right by the kitchen sink, with his paws crossed over the edge - there he waits patiently for someone to start
washing some plates.

He is gentle and patient with children (his fosterkids are aged 5 and 2). He does get in very playful moods, when he loves to pounce on the little ones - - or on any passing leg -- from his hiding spot under a chair or table - but he never uses his claws, so we know he means well! He also LOVES to chase and catch small balls and toys that we throw across the room for him.
His bed of choice is wherever a person is sleeping and when one of his human family sits at the computer, Laffey is never far off - he rather likes the feel of the keyboard under his paws.

Laffey is neutered, neg/neg, vaxed, has excellent litterbox habits and a hearty appetite, and is seeking a forever home where he can play and grow up into the wonderful cat he is sure to be.

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