Monday, February 27, 2012


Lenny was rescued from the Parkview Katz colony by caretaker Aimee, who couldn't leave this handsome muffin out in the cold. Fosterdad Michael says "As I get dressed each morning Lenny slithers figure-8s through my legs, giving a charge (and sometimes a shock!) to my step. Lenny is definitely a lap cat and, like a dog, he loves all the affection he can get. When I reach down to give him a treat he nuzzles my hand instead of taking it. He's warm with strangers and children and doesn't mind being picked up or handled. Lenny isn't too athletic but he's certainly playful. He's mostly quiet but speaks up and purrs when he feels comfortable or especially in need of some caress. He loves napping in the sun and hiding behind the couch. Lenny would be a handsome and affectionate addition to any home." Thanks to Fosterdad on his very first foster outing -- keep up the good work!

Thanks to Janet, Vijay and Nemo for the donation of big bags of dry food and to Juliet and Rose for the box of stinky nom wet foods. We appreciate your donations of fud for the kittehs!

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