Monday, February 6, 2012


It's been a weird and busy weekend at Hyde Park Cats! One of our kittens, Aurelia, went to a wonderful furrever home. We also have been moving some new intakes in -- cats who you'll be hearing about soon, wonderful tiger boycats Lynx, Picasso, and Tucker! We dealt with some sick colony cats (update to come), are helping a community member who found a pregnant cat last night at 11 p.m., and also got this kitty, pictured, some vet care.

Sadie is a very friendly cat who approached Hana H. for help. Sadie has some bad wounds on her back and sides and toe pads (wounds not visible in photo). The vet who saw her thinks she got up in a car engine on a cold day and was burned. She is very skinny, very hungry. (There is nothing wrong with her leg, she's just lying funny.)

Poor Sadie is still very skinny and very hungry, and maybe a little shocked from whatever happened to her. Fostermom Hana is applying topical cream to the ouchies and giving antibiotics, and says Sadie is sweet and loving despite her obvious discomfort. The good news is she's spayed, vaccinated, neg/neg, and should make a full recovery! Would you like to give this beauty a wonderful, comfortable, safe home? Email

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