Friday, February 3, 2012


Picasso is a very loving male cat from the Liliana alley. When brought in, Picasso proved to have three problems: he had a bleeding wound on his leg (treated at the vet); he was ravenously hungry (treated with generous meals); he was desperate for love and attention. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and just starved for love. This photo was taken when Picasso just came in; he had a wound on his foreleg which is now just about healed and he's doing a good job of cleaning himself up and making himself fancy, now that he is no longer outside.

He is now in his fosterhome where fostermom Lindsey says he is a "super loving lapcat lovebug." More to come!

To apply to adopt Picasso, email


Diane H said...

I wonder if Picasso is related to Lynx.

Anna G said...

Come meet Picasso at Parker's during our Valentine's Adoption Event and Bake Sale. Sunday 2/12 12-3pm!