Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meeka Comes In

Meeka has been haunting the alley chez Eevie, around 58th at Washington Park (MLK Drive) for months. Months! But every time we had an open foster spot, Meeka was nowhere to be found. So it was a pleasant surprise to get a text yesterday morning -- "I have Meeka!" She's a little stinky right now but so so pretty, and purrs and gives head butts when petted. Mazel tov, Eevie, and welcome to Hyde Park Cats, Meeka!


Martha said...

She has a hauntingly beautiful face.

bundeleh said...

Meeka is spayed, vaxed, and tested neg/neg for viruses, so she is available for adoption now. Email hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.