Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlotte (and Orange Cat)

Charlotte and Orange Cat are two orangey cats from the Champagne-Furbana area at about 42nd and Lake Park, where over the last several years we have TNRed several cats, removed several cats for adoption, and many cats are still there. We believe there is a family in the area allowing their pet cats to reproduce.

Charlotte appears to have lived most of her life outside, but she is loving and a sweet and dainty girl. She's shy with people she doesn't know -- what can you expect. Caretaker Candice says "When I open up my car door she jumps up in my lap and just lays there and purrs. She loves to just lay there and purr and to be petted. She is sweet and will blossom in a home without a ton of craziness. She is the kind of cat that is perfect for a couple with no kids or an older person or a quieter house because she is just a bit shy." At times Charlotte has spent time inside in a spare room and has not had a problem. We believe she will acclimate perfectly to live inside.

Charlotte's caretaker is moving very soon and hopes to be able to place Charlotte in a home where she can get some TLC and live out the rest of her life with a lap to purr in. She does not want to have to leave Charlotte behind.

Also available from this colony is Orange Cat, a super friendly nice big ol' marmalade guy.

We'd really like to be able to place these cats in homes! Please email to apply.

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