Friday, March 2, 2012

Gretchen is waiting

Gretchen is a very cute white-and-tiger girl. Fosterdad says "when someone's petting her, she frequently nuzzles her head against their arm or falls over to let them stroke her chest (but so far doesn't enjoy tummy rubs). Sometimes when someone's stroking her chest, she'll take her forepaws and hold their hand against her body." Sometimes she chases a ball around or pounces on a spot of sunlight being reflected from someone's phone. Like many cats, she can be shy of too much noise or movement -- this may change as she reacclimates to being in a safe indoor environment. She's a really sweet little bug who would make an excellent cat for a first-time cat owner -- or any number of other situations.

Previous post on Gretchen.

Thanks to Jeffrey M., who donated to HPCats "in memory of Neil."

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