Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Meow came to our attention a couple weeks ago through an email from Henry at 88th and Ada. He wrote in to say "A family member who lives in Hyde Park told me about your organization. I do understand that you generally help cats out of the Hyde Park area but I hope that after hearing the circumstances of this situation you will make an exception. There is a cat in my neighborhood that would come by and visit us on a daily basis .... she is very sweet and friendly and I believe she may have previously belonged to someone who was unable to take care of her and abandoned her."

We arranged to bring Meow into one of our foster homes, but first we needed to take her to the vet because her eyes showed certain signs of a major worm problem. At the vet it became apparent Meow had much bigger problems than just worms, and indeed, she was positive for FeLV. Because of her overall condition, we decided humane euthanasia was necessary.

We want to thank Henry and his family for helping Meow. FeLV is a cruel disease, and Meow would have died an ugly death, and may have infected other cats as well. Thank you to Laura S. for again shouldering the hard work of ushering a sick cat to the vet and beyond. Meow, may you find a furrever home at the Rainbow Bridge.

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