Friday, March 30, 2012

Roger and Laffey: update

Readers, some nice news. Roger has been adopted. Furrever mom Mandy writes that "Roger and Laffey are now Luka and Laszo - and the news is all good. Both Luka (formerly Roger) and Laszo (formerly Laffey) are settling in well, and after a somewhat hissy first day, they have taken to each other (although sometimes Laszo wants to keep playing when Luka is ready to throw in the towel and nap). Laszo, who is fascinated by running water (he loves watching the toilet flush) is totally encamped by our circulating fountain, and Luka has won the hearts of everyone who has come by to meet them. In short, they both seem pretty happy with us, with their new home, and with each other."

Sniff sniff ... damn those allergies. Roger, an FIV+ colony male, was picked up off the street last March after a brush with some neighborhood kids throwing rocks. Laffey was our most recent save from a high-kill facility in NW Indiana.

A special note of gratitude to Hamsini, who fostered Roger for a year until his forever moms found him, and to new fosterers Flora and her family for signing on. HAPPY LIFE, LAFFEY, HAPPY LIFE, ROGER!

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