Monday, March 12, 2012

Furr-ever home updates: Marcus and Martha

Fluffy couch cats.

Marcus, born to a feral mom in South Chicago. Furrever mom Erika writes "He is doing great! When I wake up in the morning I always have a selection of toys laying on my pillow ready for some play time. And he is turning in to a regular water lover, always quick to appear whenever there is running water so he can splash around in the sink or bathtub. He and his new sister Jasper are really starting to get along well. They are at the point where they will nap next to each other, but not quite ready for cuddling, yet. In the picture, Marcus is even curled up around her tail :)." HAPPY LIFE MARCUS!

Martha, scooped out of Animal Care and Control in 2010. Furrever mom Kirsten writes that "Laddie has been such an amazing cat and she is just full of life. She loves to play with her new sister, our puppy, Bailey. She cannot get enough of her. Laddie loves to be with Bailey and Bella 24/7. She really has really become the mediator in the house with our new puppy and Bella. Laddie knows exactly how to get us up in the morning by eating my hair and chirping until I get up so she can go down stairs and eat her breakfast. She also is the culprit of showing Bailey how to jump on our bed and wake us up in the morning. And she loves to come snuggle on the couch when ever she has a chance. She still has her sneezing problems and that comes and goes as the weather changes. Thank you guys for helping cats find homes! They are wonderful creatures. " HAPPY LIFE, MARTHA!

Thanks to all our adopters -- we love hearing from you!

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